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See how to turn 100% FREE traffic into leads, sales & profits

See how to turn 100% FREE traffic into leads, sales & profits

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for marketers.

I developed “Beast Funnels” because it’s the exact funnel I wanted when I started online… I use it daily to earn well over $3,000 per day!

Brendan Mace

7 Figure Marketer, and co founder of Beast Funnels
Elite W+ Vendor & Affiliate

The ONLY Difference Between Top Marketers
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Many beginners & struggling marketers think there’s this MASSIVE GAP between what they do, and how top-earners make their money.

The reality is this “gap” is tiny … it’s simply having POWERFUL funnels that automatically generate traffic & profits.

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Getting traffic today is hard enough … people resort to “social media” desperation to get any traction at all…

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The “good old days” of converting your traffic into profits with traditional email or social media marketing are gone:

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Creating products


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Over my digital marketing career, i’ve built up a “funnel income” of over 100k per month.

For years, our main business has been creating product solutions & affiliate marketing.

Tens of thousands of happy customers enjoy our products, so over time we’ve built very large lists using ‘product funnels’ that convert traffic into sales.

But – getting personal here …

Product creation is HARD work, and we’re not getting any younger.

Sure, the money can be good … but making &
selling your own products is tough:


So we looked at some of the biggest names in digital marketing …
People like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Tai Lopez & many others – to see how THEY’RE earning online.

Because even though the $100K per month we’re making is a LOT of money … some hotshots are making even more … and they’re NOT working as hard as us.

The answer, it turns out, is pretty simple.

Smart marketers use automated funnels that generate traffic, leads & sales to ANY offer they promote.

One-time setup for ongoing results.

Seemed too easy – so we hired a developer to “copy” what the top online earners are doing … then make it even better.

This took months – but the RESULT is a
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This Software Can Turn ANY Offer
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This is your chance to “steal” the EXACT funnel of TWO 6-figure per month marketers.

Why reinvent the wheel?

As they say “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” These fully-automated Beast Funnels have been working for us for months … now it’s your turn.

Impulse Sales

Until now, traffic & profit generation have always been a TWO step process … with a huge gap between getting visitors, and putting them in front of your offers.

Now, the traffic & sales process becomes one simple step: each new visitor is INSTANTLY presented with a monetized offer …

So you can profit from the power of impulse sales when viewers are primed to take action.


Top marketers connect visitors to their offers faster than anyone else.
This method TRIPLES your potential results by letting you reach your audience on 3 top platforms …


So MORE people get your message MORE often … for ultimately higher conversions.

Free Traffic Built-In

Most funnels are just about “conversions.” They only make you money, “IF” you can get traffic to them. In this instance, Beast Funnels comes with “Built-In” traffic with a breakthrough “referral” technology.

Take a look at our full demo below to see how we use FREE TRAFFIC inside the funnel, to maximize conversions with no wasted time.