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Honestly I was about to give up on marketing online, but this time has been different. This AMAZING software is a complete DFY system that not just give you ability to create Udemy like site but also comes with pre-loaded DFY courses.

Chad Wilgus

It's finally here!!! If You want to create easy operatable online business, this product is for you. You can create more than online teaching platform start your dream life. Don't forget to thanks Mosh, this guy really knows how to break rules in online marketing.

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OMG! This is simply what I was looking for... a digital online business ready to convert me in a ! There is anything like this in the market so I have no doubt is the best.

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Ok I'm just simply blown away here!!! Mosh always puts out great products but this is a game changer FOR ANYONE!!  OUTSTANDING!! 

This is a real business model followed by udemy and it's much much better.

Josh Hems

The Pandemic Has Hurt
Every Business Except One…

The Coronavirus pandemic has locked doors of markets, factories, offices,
schools and universities around the world and people are forced to stay inside their

But in this extended lockdown the world is witnessing a massive trend as e-
learning platforms have opened up hundreds of windows for learning

Untitled drawing (82)

But the BIG BOYS Make it

Harder For You

to Enter This Industry…

The Problem is – in order to profit from this trend, you
need course contents and upload them on sites like
udemy, teachable, skill share and many other

And those platforms make money from your hard
work. And worse, they hold your payments, they don’t
give you access to the customer contact list, they can
ban you, they can reject your course if they want to.

You do the hard work. They make the maximum
money from your hard work.

That’s Why We Made it COPY PASTE SIMPLE
for you to Launch Your Own E-learning
just like Udemy, Coursera, Teachable
& Other Billion Dollar Companies…

Extremely SIMPLE:

All You Have To Do Is…

Step #1:

Get Access

Step #2:

Build Your E-Learning Business

Without Doing Any Of The Work Yourself. Instructors Will Upload Their Content On Your Platform Do The Hard Work

Step #2:

Profit For A Long Time To Come

This Doesn’t End There

A Lot More Inside..

Includes A Valuable Bonus – Commercial Licence

When Get Started Today Only! This Way You Can Make More Money By
Setting Up e-Learning Site For Your Clients and Keep 100% of The Profits All
For Just A Low One-Time Price!

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Within Just Minutes – You Will Have Your Udemy ™

Beating e Learning Academy Up And Running And

Ready To Profit.

Why It Stands Out…

There is no way you're going to catch hold of an amazing software like this for a low one time few ever again in any digital marketing space. This is your freedom to THE LOCKDOWN. Grab & implement it and you'll see results in no time. Mosh Bari did it again


If you have ever tried to use Udemy, Skillshare etc and gave up. Not only will it exceed your expectations, but will provide you an easy way to own a DFY Udemy like site on the Internet. Go on, don't wait, this is a great opportunity to become a successful shop owner!


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How Does AcademyZPresso

Compare To Other Platforms?

(HINT: It’s Better AND Cheaper!)

Cheaper Than Kajabi:

That Charges You Monthly Fees: 

Kajabi Charges You $92 Per Month MORE Than This ONE TIME OFFER For. No Monthly Fees When You Get This Special Offer Today.

More Cheaper Than Teachable

More Features Than Teachable:

That Doesn’t Have Any Blog, DFY Courses, Or Certificates (To Name But A Few!). It Includes ALL of These Features AND MORE. (Including a Valuable Commercial Licence!)

Same Benefits As Udemy

Where You’re In Total Control Of Your Profits And Keeping 100% Of Your Valuable Leads YOURSELF. 

Without Ever Having To Create Any Content Yourself.

All 3 Of These Competitors Cost MUCH MORE Than AcademyZPresso.

That’s Why We Created AcademyZPresso. Like Never Before, It Gives You Full Control
and Turns You into The Owner of an e-Learning Platform and Enjoy All The Benefits

***Just a Small ONE TIME FEE With Absolutely NO RECURRING FEES*** 

(And ZERO Transaction Fees!)

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Here’s What Some Early Users And Pro Marketers Are 

Saying About AcademyZPresso…

BizSynth Said “Opportunity To Build Segmented Lists”

Norman Said “leading edge marketing solution”

Avron Said “educate and makes money for anyone”

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Just Imagine Owning A Business In An Industry
That’s Thriving Right Now, During COVID-19 and
Has Jumped From Being Worth $710 Million To
More Than $2 BILLION In Just 4 Years.


In Just A Minute, We Are Going To Put

This Exact Same
Business In Your Hands.

And make it:

That’s Going To Have You Earning On Autopilot – 

Right From The Get Go. 

NOW Is Your PERFECT TIME to Get Started With This – 

You’re Going To Be Unlocking TRUE Passive Recurring Income 

With A Business In A Box That Just WORKS:

Because Your New Online Empire Is Modelled On A Business That’s Already Worth Over $2 BILLION DOLLARS.  

There’s ZERO content creation required because not only do you earn from: 

Recurring passive income from the courses that teachers and instructors are selling on your platform.

But you also get: 

Free Viral Traffic – 

From teachers who refer other teachers on to your platform in exchange for a commission bump.

And existing customers who get discounts on courses in exchange for referrals.

Plus – most importantly – YOU get THE LIST. 

THIS is how Udemy REALLY makes all its money. 

Udemy doesn’t create those courses themselves. (Because that takes time and costs money). 

They don’t need to. Because they make all their money from their list, referrals and free viral traffic.

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(And Used By Most Of The Biggest Companies On The PLANET)

This Trend is Creating More and More Instructors, Trainers and Students That You Can Have To Create Contents For Your Site

And With Agency License, You Can Build E- learning Sites For Big Companies And Charge Top Dollars For Your Service

Now Is YOUR Time To Join The E-Learning REVOLUTION. 

And I’m Going To Make It FAR Easier For You To Get Started Than It Ever Was For Me….

My Name Is

Mosh Bari

I am a father of 2 kids and a loving husband to my wife.  And right now, I may now be one of the top 5 vendors on W+

And earning more than 7 figures online EVERY YEAR.

BUT it hasn’t always this easy…

I was born in a third world country. 

And after working in the construction industry for 12 years –

And struggling to make ends meet. Working every hour god sent. AND not spending anywhere near as much time with my family as I wanted.

I decided, enough was enough. I decided me, and my family deserved financial freedom.

And The One Single Catalyst That Got Me Off The Building Site And Into Internet Marketing And

Financial Freedom Was E-learning

Especially Because Of The Recurring Passive Income Opportunity It Gives You.

(Every Marketer’s dream right?)

Now, my online business generates me more than 7 figures per year. 

And selling online courses is what got me started…

Since then I have gone on to help over 32,000 people build their online businesses. 

And this is why I am here to help YOU right now.

“If I can do it – YOU can do it – with the right tools and just a little help in the right
direction from me 😉 ”. – Mosh Bari.

I WISH I’d had AcademyZPresso when I got started –

But you WILL – So it’s going to be easy as pie for you, Cost you next to nothing,  And make you more profit- in a lot less time.

Ready? Let’s Get Started.

Here’s Sneak Peak of What Your Brand New Academy

Empire Is Going To Look Like

Watch This Demo Video To 

See It In Action:

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Early 5***** Reviews Are In: 

Here’s What Some Of Our Early Adopters Have Been Making With AcademyZPresso


So Many Things Make AcademyZPresso The ONLY Ticket To Passive Recurring Income You’ll Ever Need…

(More Than 20 In Fact!)

Giving You Instant Access To A Growing


#1: Make Your Brand New Academy Goldmine In Less Than Seconds?

AcademyZPresso really is that fast and easy to
setup.So easy that it takes less than seconds
from uploading this to your site to having a LIVE Udemy-style Academy – Ready to profit!

#02: Sell Thousands Of Profitable Courses From One Single Academy (Without Ever Having To Create One Yourself!):

AcademyZPresso allows you to sell thousands
of courses in hundreds of niches without ever
having to create any of themselves yourself AND get instant payments.

#3: Keep 100% Of The Leads And As Much Profit As You Want!

Unlike the fat cats like Udemy – when you run
YOUR OWN ACADEMY you get to keep 100% of
the leads, 100% of profits. And when it comes to
effortlessly piggybacking off someone else’s
hard work and YOU get to choose how much you make – for ZERO work

#04: Built In Affiliate Program For Your Academy Just Like Udemy:

AcademyZPresso comes with a fully built-in
affiliate system just like Udemy where teachers
can refer other teachers and students and earn extra commissions by promoting your academy to thousands of new visitors.

#5: Get Unlimited FREE Traffic From Your Visitors:

With AcademyZPresso, you don’t have to
pay for traffic, all your visitors get a unique link to
send you traffic and the system is designed to drive you free traffic over and over again.

#06: Turn Every Customer Or Visitor Into An Affiliate Easily:

The built-in referral and affiliate system turns
every customer into an affiliate giving them the
chance to get paid for referring new buyers to you. This is GOLD – getting buyer traffic for pennies and turning huge profit.

#07: Suggestions That Make Every
Buyer A Repeat Customer:

It’s proven that e-learning people buy multiple courses
once they’re a customer in your academy – they’re
going to be giving you money for life.
Just like Udemy’s course suggestions, AcademyZpresso
comes with its own suggestion system that instantly recommends other courses students might like to dramatically increase your profits.

#08: Fully Responsive – Mobile
Friendly Academy Design

With nearly 70% of internet traffic now coming
from mobile devices (TechJury), we made sure
your online Academy goldmine is fully mobile
ready and optimized for mobile traffic.

#9: Designed By Experts For
Maximum Conversions

Your online Academy is guaranteed to convert
because it’s designed by traffic experts who know
how to convert cold traffic into hot buyers.

Taking all the best bits from all our biggest
competitors – your Academy sites are going to look
the mutts nuts and convert just like the big boys do.


#10: Change The Look & Style Of
Your Academy In Just A Click

It’s etremely easy for you to customize the
style of your site, change colors and make it
match your brand style, just 2 clicks, that’s all
you need..

#11: Sell In Multiple Languages
And Currencies:

Whether you want to sell in USD, AUD, CAD,
GBP, HKD or any other currency, your new
online Academy supports many currencies and
you can run and earn from your Academy in
many different languages easily.

#12: Create Dynamic Coupons
And Run Promotions

Want to run a black friday sale or a valentines
day sale or have a special discounts on Prime
Day or Cyber Monday?

Or even just an ordinary Tuesday? You can do
all that quickly and easily with the built in
coupon & promotions system.

#13: One-Click Login – Powered
By Google & Facebook

Make it one-click easy for both students,
teachers and new paying visitors to login to
your academy, access their courses and
purchase new ones – giving you money.
Facebook and Google 1-Click login comes built
into AcademyZPresso

#14: Push MORE Sales With Your
Built In Course Rating, Trending
And Review System

Make more sales and more profits by using
your top courses to sell more and put more
money in your pocket. Social proof is powerful –
and your visitors and buyers can easily leave
reviews, testimonials and ratings on courses –
persuading more people to buy them

#15: Easily Take Cash With Multiple
Payment Gateways:

Watch those dollars $$$ quickly roll in with the
biggest payment gateways online already
integrated into your copy of AcademyZPresso.