1 Hr WorkDay Foundation

Watch this video. In this 13 minutes I delivered the foundation of my $200K per month and 7 Figure Per Year business.

Everything you see below will work under the same principle. 

Take simple steps, do less, get more by using your most precious wealth – TIME


1 Hr WorkDay App - Generates High Quality Unique Content in 45 Seconds

(We’ve Upgraded The Application. New Training WIll Be Added on 6th Sept 2020)​



Find udemy courses

Make a list of course modules

Find similar modules on youtube – learn from youtube

Note: Quality on youtube videos may or may not be as good as paid courses. But it’s great for people on budget


Abhi's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Arbitrage Method"

TASK-1 (5 Min): Find services people are paying for 

TASK-2 (5 Min): Research upwork and fiverr

TASK-3 (5 Min): Make a list of niche/industry/type of work/freelancer sites

TASK-4 (10 Min): Find freelancers or fiverr offering that

Task-5 (10 Min): Make a list of freelancers

Task-6 (25 Min): Bid, win, arbitrage

Tom Yevsikov

Tom Yevsikov's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Build, Scale, Flip"

TASK-1 (5 Min): Look, decide and validate a profitable new skill (Video creation, graphic design, content writing, customer support, social media marketing, email writing). Record what you’re learning using screencast video/screencast image(For future use as training for your customers and team members). 

TASK-2 (25 Min): Create and publish your skill

TASK-3 (5 Min): Get Review, Market and make money


TASK-4 (10 Min): Contact like minded people to partner up with you. To build a bigger team. Use social media like facebook. Work 10 minutes to look and connect with others and slowly build a bigger team to scale up to a big business

Task-5 (10 Min): Plan and keep working on building a long term, big scale business. 

Task-6 (5 Min): Once the business is profitable, flip the whole business for a 10X to 100X price



This strategy is more focused on building a long term and highly profitable business, way more than $5,000 a month

But still the same system can be used to start making $5,000 a month from next month. 

At the beginning you put more time on creating and publishing yourself, but when you have your own team, they will be doing the job and you will be focusing on managing your team and scaling up your business.

Neil Napier's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Shortcut To Millions"

TASK-1 (5 Min): Look, decide and validate a profitable a niche where a lot of people has problems and they talk about their problems. Example: Parenting niche. or Foreign Visa niche, Language learning niche, Home Decor, Wedding Organizer

Niche audience talk about their problems in forums, and groups, 

Join those groups, learn about their problems, learn about the keywords or terms or phrases, they use when they talk about their problems and solutions. 

Look at existing blogs, YouTube videos to know what kind of solutions. 

Experts are offering. 

If you are an expert yourself in the niche you’re working on, You can go ahead and directly connect with the parents, offer them solutions. 

Ask them to join your mailing list, 

build relationship with them sending good content via email

And when you have a right offer for them, they’ll buy and you’ll make money

TASK-2 (5 Min): Discover problems and trending topics on the niche groups, forums, reddit groups, Quora questions. Take short notes as you go

TASK-3 (15 Min): Look and find experts who are ready to pay you a cut/commission for getting clients to them. And also ready to contribute in your facebook group or email content or blog content. Make a list of them. Keep communications in a place where you can keep track record of communications.

TASK-4 (20 Min): Share your thoughts, discoveries, ideas in the groups, forums where niche audience hang out and get attention (example: Parents) and drive them to your group/forum/mailing list

Task-5 (10 Min): Send daily emails/messages/group posts to your own audience and build strong relationship with them. Direct them to the premium service offered by your group and the expert you have in your group. 

Task-6 (5 Min): Keep daily communication with the expert who support your group. 

You get paid when your members/audience buy or opt for your paid premium service.

The beauty of this system is,  you can go for extremely passionate and high paying and desperate niches where people believe in getting premium service by paying a premium price. 

And if you can recruit a reliable expert, You can command a premium price for your service. 

Like $5,000 to $10,000, a pop. 

Neil Napier

Victory Akpomedayi's 1 Hr WorkDay - "List Building Empire"

One time task – Build a squeeze page. Once you do it right, you never have to look back. It’ll keep doing it’s job.

TASK-1 (40 Min): Drive traffic 

How to get traffic – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpFjnZSF9d-CLkSlse7pAE-d3IwcGMlDO

TASK-2 (20 Min): Study new method of driving traffic 

How to Build High Converting Optin Page

Art Flair's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Freelancing"

TASK-1 (5 Min): Look, decide, validate a skill. Go one skill at a time. 

TASK-2 (30 Min): Learn and Create

Once you have decided the type of work You want to try as a freelancer. 

Step-1: will be learning the skills. 

Select the techniques, you want to learn, and select the tools, specially free tools. You want to learn, 

Step-2: Use YouTube to actually learn the skills. 

Step-3: Then, select a top example. 

Build a similar clone copy of the example. 

And show this to the potential high paying customers or clients. Use email, facebook, skype messages to contact them. Use referral, offer commissions to brokers.

This way you will get attentions fast and get jobs fast. 

For example, if you choose web design or sales page design, then learn The tools needed for sales page design, learn the skills needed for sales page design, shapes, colors, composition etc. 

All trainings are available on Google and YouTube. 

And a lot of free tools available to learn practice and improve. 

Then take one high converting sales page and build a clone copy and show this to the potential high paying clients 

Offer them a free/cheaper service to start. 

Get referrals from them for more clients or ask for next project’s work.

TASK-3 (5 Min): Get review. Already mentioned on Task-2

TASK-4 (10 Min): Market. Already mentioned on Task-2

Sales page design, particularly is required by almost every businessman. 

People who launch products on regular basis Need the sales pages done on regular basis. And they pay a high rate for sales page designs. 

Then you can use. Tom Yevsikov’s method to build a team scale up your business and flip the whole business for a bigger profit. 


Billy Darr's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Print Cash On Demand"

TASK-1 (5 Min- One time): Look, decide, validate a niche you want to go for

TASK-2 (5 Min – take 2/3 days to decide): Decide where you want to build your audience. Email, facebook groups, chatbot subscribers

TASK-3 (30 Min): Drive traffic to your list – Get traffic training here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpFjnZSF9d-CLkSlse7pAE-d3IwcGMlDO

TASK-4 (10 Min): Check how much your paid offer/offers are converting

Task-5 (10 Min):  Change/update your backend offer/offers

Venkata Ramana's 1 Hr WorkDay - "ZERO TO HERO"

This is similar to Art Flair’s method. Except Venkata’s system is working for one client, build skills from ground up. 

Build your own team, become team leader and become reliable and important person to your client.

Take over most or big part of client’s work

Get paid on regular basis effortlessly

TASKS on this system may vary depending on your clients’ requirements.

One of the most important thing in this system is understanding with your client and get your work done in 1 Hour work per day.

Rash Vin

Rash Vin's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Master of Traffic Method"

Rash is a paid traffic expert. Since paid traffic is a requirement to ever every internet marketer.

It’s pretty easy to get client for a paid traffic agency because it’s scary and hard for clients. Most clients are busy with their offers and other work on the company. So, they need help with traffic

The beauty of paid traffic agency Paid traffic agency is, they simply run

facebook ads, google ads etc for their clients.

Clients pay all the costs. Costs for their service and the ads.

And on clients money agency owners learn, which traffic works, and which offer works.

So the knowledge they earn from running paid traffic agency is valuable.

And they can use this knowledge and skill to build their own offer and run their own traffic and make money, just like clients. All done.

On the clients money. 

So, the daily one hour tasks be like –

TASK-1 (5 Min): Look, decide, validate 

TASK-2 (30 Min): Learn paid traffic skills from udemy (or use Tube-Demy method)

TASK-3 (5 Min): Drive traffic for your clients

TASK-4 (10 Min):  Check stats, report clients

Task-5 (10 Min): Land more clients and scale up

Ankur Shukla's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Smart Empire"

TASK-1 (10Min): Writing promotion email & send to my customers email list.

TASK-2 (15 Min): Build new customer email list by creating FB Ads & drive traffic to my opt-in & lead generation pagess.

TASK-3 (15 Min): Building new Ads sites/ Auto content sites/ Websites.

TASK-4 (5 Min): To Optimize my Websites.

Task-5 (10 Min): To monetize new offers for my websites.

Task-6 (10 Min): To research and creating new ideas of my upcoming new products.

Task-7 (5 Min): To list up 5 new ideas for my products.


Cyril Jeet Gupta's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Passion Wealth"

If you want to make $5K a month all by yourself, it’s going to take more than just work. That kind of money requires you to set up an income source that will deliver you money even when you’re not working and practically you will be investing time to make it better and better.

If you’re ready to work 2 hours a day, every day, and you have basic skills of a normal human being it’s entirely possible for you.

The easiest method right now would be to start producing video content.

What is it that you know that you can teach the world?

Is it a language? Gardening? Cooking? Workshop skills? Car repair? What interests you the most in the world?

How about you start today and teach it to the world using videos.

In 2009, my mother Nishamadhulika did that. She started a cooking channel, but she worked 6-8 hours a day, every day. The success she got was many times than the number we have here. Today she has 10 million subscribers on YouTube and makes north of $30K a month on most months.

All you want, is a small portion of it and it’s easier to do that in the US than in India where she lives.

Right now there’s a solid new opportunity in videos. Of course YouTube with its monetization program has been here for a long time, but now Facebook is here too and they are paying a lot to content producers.

So pick up that one thing you know the best and start producing training content on it.

You can do your research on the Web. Look on YouTube, Facebook. Look at blog articles. Find out what people are talking about in that field.

Create videos that are presentations, talk to the camera, make slides. Do whatever you can, but get in front of people.

Do it for 2 hours a day every day. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from the good things. Keep learning. Keep improving your content.

Before long you will not only start making money, you will make the money that you’ve only dreamt of.

Good luck!


Mike McKay's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Simple Steps To 7 Figure Creation"

You need to build your list. With a list you’re able to promote as an affiliate marketer and generate decent income. 

Whilst you are doing this you’ll be building JV partnerships and friendships which will help you down the road a little.  

Then consider re-investing some of said income into your own business by starting to create your own products, this is the essential key to generating financial freedom.  

With your JV partnerships and friendships that you’ve grown over the preceding time as an affiliate, this is when they come into purpose. As they will also in turn promote your new product(s) allowing you to get a step on the ladder that is  product developer.

As a product developer/affiliate marketer you essentially write your own ticket. 

TASK-1 (15 Min): Drive traffic to your optin page and build list

TASK-2 (15 Min): Build connections with the product owners you are promoting. 

TASK-3 (15 Min): Eventually become a product creator and use your connections to help you launch your own product

TASK-4 (15 Min): Learn new skills, improve your results

Mike McKay

Dan Green's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Fiverr Empire"

TASK-1 (One time work): Find a hot fiverr niche that a lot of people are buying

TASK-2 (30 Min): Learn the skill. Once you learnt the skill and start making money, you spend that time on Task-6. 

TASK-3 (One time work): Offer the skill on fiverr by creating your fiverr gig. 

The problem is – it’s hard to get ranking at the beginning. You can do the following to kickstart and boost you ranking. Once you got higher ranking, getting more and more jobs is easy. So put all your effort on getting sales and ranking of your fiverr gig.

TASK-4 (15 Min): Create content and publish content about your niche, gig and offer and direct audience to your gig offer

TASK-5 (15 MIN): Connect with other gig sellers. Work for them for a price.

Get clients from other places, private connections, referrals and ask them to pay you via fiverr gig

Task-6 (30 Min): Build your own team locally or online. Get the jobs done by them and pay them their commission/salary. 

Your job will be only to get more clients and jobs and get paid via fiverr

Once your gig has got enough rating, you’ll get jobs from fiverr organically, without trying

“Automate and Outsource”

There are so many methods out there, on the world wide web, that I won’t detail which one I recommend.

It will vary so much for each of you so I encourage you to go and do your own research and choose what feels right for you.

Nor can I put an exact time on each of the tasks that you’ll need to do.

However, when you’ve found what you’re good at, my most valuable piece of advice is to always be thinking of how you can take yourself out of the picture.

What do I mean by that?

I mean you’ll want to get to a point where you’ve built foundations in your business, understood parts that can be easily outsourced and/or automated and then actually get around to implementing.

The whole point of everyone working so hard is to get to the point of passive income right?

We all want the freedom to do what we want, when we want to do it.

And, in order for this to become a reality, you need to eventually take yourself out of the equation. If you decide to take the day off or are travelling long haul for a few days, your business needs to continue generating revenue regardless of whether you’re at the helm or not.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s always going to be your business and you will always be the most important part of it…I’m just saying that you need to create your own world where all you need to do is orchestrate and ensure people are doing what they are meant to do.

Keep this in mind at all times as you build and grow your business…

In no time at all, you’ll be on that beach, sipping that margarita whilst your bank account is getting bigger and bigger.


Ashley Parry's 1 Hr WorkDay - "Simple Steps To 6 Figure Automate and Outsource Business Creation"

Ashley Parry

Andrew Fox

Launch Jacking

Find and select upcoming launches from Muncheye.com 15 to 20 days ahead

Buy a domain close to the name of the product you targeted. Or, use one review blog you want to use for all launches

Make a review with whatever information available right now

Add an opt-in form on the page by asking visitors to sign up into your mailing list. Say that you’ll let them know about your special bonus you’ll give away who’ll buy using your link within the first few hours

Also make a review video and post on youtube. Emphasize on your limited time bonus and the website link on the description. 

Do a little SEO if you want. Most of the times, you don’t need SEO. You’ll get free traffic from youtube and google

Results: This way you’ll build a list of subscribers who are already interested in the offer. 

Mail them when the offer goes live with your limited time bonus and you’ll make money

Brendan Mace

High Ticket Massacre

Build a nice product that can be launched on W+ and JVZoo

Then reach out to mid-level to top-level vendors to launch together

One of the faster ways to land top vendors is to give away more profit share to them

But you’ll build a list of buyers from the launch.

These golden buyers will buy more from when if you build a good relationship with them

Promote high ticket offers to them a make $300 to $1000 commissions

Glynn Kosky

Next Level Affiliate Marketing

Build list of subscribers

Build relationship with them by giving away gifts, tips and awesome, helpful information

Promote new offers everyday with high quality bonuses